New approach to traditional martial arts

New approach to traditional martial arts

The 4th international festival of Vietnamese traditional martial arts is scheduled to take place from August 1-3. The festival’s director Le Quy Duong talks more about the programs.

What are your purposes when you prepared for programs under the festival?

As the organizers hope to enhance the significance of Vietnamese traditional martial arts in this year’s festival, I want to propose a new approach to traditional martial arts through programs.

Alongside glorious tradition, traditional martial arts is also a way to nurture and build citizens’ personality in the modern society. That’s a new way of understanding traditional martial arts.

I also hope that the festival is an initial step to make Quy Nhon become a martial arts city in coming years.

The art performance for the opening ceremony is always a highlight at previous festivals. How do you prepare for this year’s opening ceremony?

The combination of art, culture, history, and martial arts will be a new feature of the art performance for this year’s opening ceremony.

The performance is comprised of 3 episodes, which are closely connected to each other, helping to create a relationship between performers and audience.

This year’s ceremony will particularly see the direct participation of martial arts practitioners who will join the festival.

What is the unique program of the festival?

Street activities focus on five topics. It will attract 30 delegations marching along Nguyen Tat Thanh street. The activities are expected to create a bustling atmosphere for the festival.

Your company will present drum to the Quang Trung Museum’s management board at the incense and flower offering ceremony.

In 2008, our company made a set of 9 drums, basing on the images of historical figures at Tay Son Tam Kiet temple. The biggest one symbolizes Emperor Quang Trung.

These drums have brought “the spirit of Tay Son” to many festivals nationwide in the past 5 years. The company will present the drums to the museum in this year’s incense and flower offering ceremony.

Also, 50 newly-made drums brought to Binh Dinh during the festival will be presented to local schools.

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