Taichi made in Binh Dinh helps promote traditional martial arts

Taichi made in Binh Dinh helps promote traditional martial arts

Taichi for the elderly created from techniques of Binh Dinh traditional martial arts has become one of efficacious ways to promote the development of local martial arts.


Binh Dinh taichi club’s members perform Hung ke quyen (cock-fighting style)-based taichi at the 2013 national taichi tournament

For years practising taichi has been popular across the whole provice as it is a way to improve health for old people. However, most taichi exercises are originated from China.

Before participating in the national taichi tournament held in 2011, members of Quy Nhon taichi club had hit on an idea of using martial arts techniques in their exercises selected to be performed at the event.

“When members of a taichi club in Ha Noi visited us, pity they didn’t enjoy any exercises featuring Binh Dinh martial arts. We realized that is a good suggestion,” said head of Quy Nhon taichi club Nguyen Thi Hoa.

Suprisingly, the taichi made in Binh Dinh won a gold medal for its first performance outside province and the results encouraged the club’s members to pratise harder.

Old people who practise martial arts skills require patience so that they are able to keep the quintessence of traditional martial arts, according to martial arts master Tran Duy Linh, who are the first instructor helping Quy Nhon taichi club’s members pratise taichi basing on techniques of Binh Dinh martial arts.

Recently, Binh Dinh taichi club won another gold medal when performing Hung ke quyen (cock fighting style)-based taichi at the national taichi tournament held in June.

At such events, the audience were very excited when knowing that Binh Dinh athletes would perform a taichi exercise basing on traditional martial arts techniques. People in southern region are particularly interested in Binh Dinh martial arts and they also want to be instructed to pratise these skills.

At present, Ly Thuong Kiet ward-based taichi club’s members have being instructed to exercise taichi created from Binh Dinh martial arts. The movement is expected to boost the image of the land of martial arts worldwide.

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